Stop!   When you log in to the new OLC for the first time from outside of BayCare, you MUST do 2 steps to make sure the scoring records successfully, as we cannot guarantee computer-based training (CBT) will work properly on a home computer.

  1. You must review the System Requirements to ensure your computer settings are correct and that you have the appropriate software
  2. Once you log into the new OLC System you must complete the "CBT Test Course" to see if your computer will record your score. If your score isn't recorded after you complete the test CBT, you will need to complete all the training at a MIC_compatible computer at your nearest BayCare facility.

How to Log into the OLC:

Online Learning Center - Click here to log in

To access BEACON training, team members need to click on the OLC link above.

SJH CREW (EMPATH) - Click here to log in

Mosby's Nursing Skills - Click here to log in

Tuition Assistance System - Click here to log in